A billion sensors later

For over 20 years we have been working to make you the key to everything. We have played a significant role in the smartphone revolution. And, with two decades of innovation and a billion sensors shipped, we can certainly say that we are here for the long run. Our mission remains the same: to hand over the "key to everything" to whom it belongs, you.


Biometric ID and Cyber Security

The connected world of the cloud, smart homes, and smart cities needs new identification and authentication solutions. This is opening up a billion new possibilities for our biometric technologies.

The historical milestone of one billion sensors shipped was reached in May 2019. The Biometric Software Platform for payments was launched, and we receive the world’s first volume order of fingerprint sensors for contactless payment cards from Gemalto. Our first in-display sensor for mobile is announced at MWC, enabling users to authenticate on the screen and offering smartphone brands greater design freedom. The next wave for biometrics has entered, with new formfactors emerging across payments and IoT.


Biometric payment card trials kick off

Exceed 300 smartphone models integrating our technology. We also launch our 3rd and 4th generation sensor solution, the single chip with products like FPC1511. The biometric payment card market begins to take off, with trials from banks and schemes around the world, using our fingerprint technology. We introduce biometric solutions for the automotive industry. A partnership agreement with Gentex brings touchless technology to rearview mirrors and the first automotive graded touch sensor version is launched.


New software features delivers unique value for end users

Introduced new software features that add extraordinary value for end users. Our unique T-shape™ sensor module, targeting smartcards, is launched, designed for mass production complementing standard industry processes. This is also the year where we move into new biometric technologies. Bringing out our first touchless solution, FPC ActiveIris®, multi-modality solutions for greater security and convenience.


Enabling innovations

Fingerprint touch sensors are now commonly used to unlock smartphones and to make payments with smartphones. The launches of a new touch sensor for the entry-level mobile segment, and our own leading algorithm, enable mass adoption and greater innovation across the smartphone segment. With great effort from our R&D department, we launch the new FPC1300-series, with ultra-thin sensors fit for smartcards.


Fingerprint touch on smartphones explodes

We launch our solutions in multiple smartphones from new brands and support Google’s integration of fingerprint sensors into their smartphones. To keep up with the latest smartphone designs we launch our 2nd generation sensor solution, FPC1200-series, for placing the sensor under glass. We also present the world’s first sensor that support side-mounting on smartphones, the FPC1145, including integration with the power button.


The mobile phone journey begins

Huawei Mate 7, the world’s first Android smartphone with touch fingerprint sensor, is launched with our FPC1020 touch sensor. This year, we also release the world’s first home button touch sensor for smartphones, FPC1150, using advanced silicon technology to greatly enhance the image quality.


First Android with swipe sensor

The world’s first Android phone, Fujitsu Disney F-03F, is launched and equipped with a fingerprint swipe sensor.


Sensors made for design

Collaboration with module house enables more aesthetics-focused sensor modules, much to the delight of design conscious smartphone brands.


Preparing for the mobile revolution

Fingerprints integrates authentication in secure element for greater security. Preparing for mobile payments, an application that would become one of the most used smartphone features.


New and improved area touch sensor

FPC1011F fingerprint area touch sensor is launched, produced together with leading silicon and packaging partners in Asia. This is still sold and used by Chinese banks today.


Logical access for banks in China

Chinese banks place the first order of fingerprint area sensor. Used for easy and secure login and identification of personnel.


First swipe sensor

We launch the first swipe sensor.


First mobile biometric accessory

We present our first touch sensor as plug-in to a mobile phone at the CEBIT exhibition.


In mobile phone prototype

We present our first fingerprint sensor in a mobile phone prototype.


Fingerprint Cards AB is founded

The 80's

The idea of a key to everything was born

It was in a restaurant in Cannes where Swedish film and music producer, Bo Löfberg, saw his own greasy fingerprint on his credit card when paying the bill. An idea was born and a patent was registered. Decades later, we’ve made fingerprint sensors on cards a reality – and so much more. With one billion sensors shipped, we are as determined as ever to keep moving towards the future where you are the key to everything.